Over 20 Years and we are still
perfectly clear

The best advertising is to make customers happy!
In turn, they then refer us to another. Thank you!

  • About Perfectly Clear Water Services

    Established over 20 years ago, our family owned and operated company started installing and servicing water filtration systems in Broward County and Palm Beach County here in South FL. Serving both residential and commercial customers with clean great tasting healthy water. We believe that our good business ethics, fair pricing, and quality water filtration products have been the foundation of our business model. The best advertising comes from making our customers happy so in turn they then refer us to another. This we believe, IS the most valuable form of advertising "Word of Mouth" and is worth more than any printed ad or flyer, so we always strive to give the greatest customer satisfaction and this is and always will be our biggest priority.

    Thanking you for your business,
    Douglas Brewster III

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