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  • Don't drink your tap water?

    Most people think that the water that comes out of their tap is just fine to drink…Is it, really? Not even boiling water can remove all of the dangerous elements that can be found in normal household water samples. And, you and your family don’t even have to drink the water to be exposed to these sometimes dangerous contaminants. So, why would you drink it if you didn’t have to?

    Perfectly Clear Water provides and installs under-sink Reverse Osmosis systems that fit easily under virtually any sink. These systems come with a drinking water faucet to easily fill glasses or pitchers. We also can attach a hidden line to your refrigerator for your inset water cold water dispenser and ice maker. You’ll be amazed at the difference in taste and feel of your drinking water. And once you’ve cooked with truly pure Reverse Osmosis filtered water, you’ll never go back to regular tap again! The best part is that the Perfectly Clear Clear systems are affordable and can fit any budget.

    Because we’re concerned about our customers and their families, we even send you reminders when you need to replace your filters. We evaluate your initial water quality and take into consideration the size of your family to make sure you’re always drinking the best possible water you can.

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Remember, next time you brush your teeth...
you don't have to drink your water to consume it.

  • Whole House Reverse Osmosis

    We are specialists in whole house reverse osmosis systems and dealers for whole home reverse osmosis systems powered by GE, a name you can trust, ensuring the water in your home is the purest it can possibly be. No need to worry what potentially harmful substance is lurking in your ground water. Most people fail to realize, if you have well water, usually your septic tank is only feet away. What you are flushing down your sink or toilet will eventually end up in your ground water. And that neighbor, what is he dumping behind that shed? The chemicals or substances flushed down anyone's sinks eventually ends up in everyone's ground water too! Knock out the "what if?", and have BETTER water than city water in your entire home.

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